MPS: Modern Pain Science Live Lab


***Must have taken or currently be enrolled in MPS online course***



This course focuses on enhancing the participant’s knowledge and understanding of how pain works and how it can impact those affected by it. In addition, an emphasis is placed on the clinical reasoning processes and technical skills related to effective patient communication, clinical management, and pain neuroscience education. This course will enhance the participants’ knowledge and understanding of pain and equip them to employ modern pain science principles and interventional techniques to help more effectively manage those suffering from pain.

MPS is offered in 2 convenient formats:

Full course: 6-week online course, followed by a 1-day live lab session (16 contact hours)
Online-only: 6-week online course (10 contact hours)

**Online course must be taken in order to attend live lab session**

This course is open to anyone, and it is appropriate for all skill levels.

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December 8, 2018…..Atlanta, GA, July 14, 2018…..Atlanta, GA, June 2, 2018…..Kansas City, MO


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